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From hiking to beaches and everything in between the Yarmouth area of the Cape has a lot to do for anyone and everyone

This museum is a great place to learn about the history of Yarmouth. It has exhibits on the town's shipbuilding industry, its role in the American Revolution, and its many famous residents.

With a wide option of hikes and bike trails you can easily spend a whole day catching up with nature

This canal is a man-made waterway that connects Cape Cod Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. It's a great way to see the Cape from a different perspective.

This museum has exhibits on the natural history of Cape Cod. It's a great place to learn about the region's plants and animals.

Hyannis is a popular shopping destination on Cape Cod. It has a variety of shops, including boutiques, gift shops, and department stores.

This theater is a great place to see live music and performances. It has a variety of shows throughout the summer.

Cape Cod is a great place to go whale watching. There are many different companies that offer tours.

This museum is a great place for children to learn and play. It has a variety of exhibits and activities.

Cape Cod has many beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular beaches include Bass River Beach, West Yarmouth Beach, and Old Silver Beach.

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